Here are some FAQs that no one ever asks, but they would ask if they bothered to ask them:

What breed of dog is Grace and how old is she?

She is supposedly lab and boxer mix, but I think she’s a dingo. As of May 2016, she’s a little over three years old. She’s a bundle of energy that never stops. We get home from hiking 8 miles, she crashes for 30 mins, then she’s back zooming around again.

What amazing camera do you use to take pictures?

I don’t use anything fancy — just the camera on my Galaxy S6 phone. I don’t ever use filters, either. All I do is focus the camera on what I want and shoot. Pure Pacific Northwest beauty.

How do you make those awesome graphics?

I have a Suunto Traverse watch that captures my hike data. Then, I just take a screenshot of the maps after I upload it to Movescount. That’s also how I get my accurate data on time elapsed, length, etc.

What was your favorite hike?

I don’t know if I could pick a favorite, but I have many that stick out in my mind as memorable or even magical. I love Devil’s Punchbowl, though it is challenging. Another rewarding one was Grayback Mountain. It made me work for the summit, but it was worth it. Mt. Scott has a gorgeous view of Crater Lake and I will definitely go back. 

What peaks have escaped you as of yet?

I haven’t quite worked up the nerve to climb Mt. Mcloughlin or Mt. Thielsen, but maybe this summer. I would like to see Rabbit Ears, too, though I hear that you can pretty much drive up to them. Maybe not this summer, but I would like to see Steens Mountain Wilderness and backpack out there for a few days.